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Use the ESV on your website

  • ESV APIs – Using our unique XML web service, the text of the ESV can appear on your site with minimal programming.
  • – is a URL shortner (similar to or that can be used to provide a more concise web address for various social media applications.
  • ESV CrossRef – ESV CrossRef will scan your site for Old and New Testament Bible references and convert the reference(s) into a hover-able link.
  • Webmaster Resources – Start here if you want to link to the ESV or put an ESV search box on your site.

Access the ESV in multiple ways

  • Email – Email with a passage in the subject line (e.g., ESV Gen 1) and receive the text of the passage by email a few minutes later.
  • Bookmarklets – Several easy-to-use links that you can copy to your Favorites folder to access the ESV from anywhere on the Internet.
  • iCal – Download reading plans to Google Calendar or other applications.
  • Mobile – Browse and search the ESV on your iPhone, PDA, or cell phone.
  • Opensearch – see ESV search results on or in your own search engine.
  • RSS Syndication – Verse of the day, verse lookups, and daily reading plans are available.
  • Search Plugin – Using the Firefox browser? Add the ESV to your list of search engines.
  • Twitter – Get a daily verse through Twitter.
  • Windows Screen Saver – A daily verse from the ESV on your desktop. (Windows only. Crossway does not support or guarantee this software.)